Finally, a permanent, reliable, and extremely efficient solution to the antiquated British charging system.

Introducing our Digital Solid-State Regulator

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A Lucas regulator is a thing of beauty. . . when it works. And as our British cars start to age so does the charging system. Terminals become loose, wiring gets iffy and much more. So in order to prevent that upcoming roadside failure of the charging system, we have created a modern, digital, solid state conversion for the Lucas regulator.


We can convert your original Lucas  RF91, RF95, RB106 or RB340 regulator and maintain the original look of your factory regulator. We take your regulator, do a cosmetic clean up, and install our new conversion into it. On our order form you may select a positive or negative ground conversion. This conversion will extend battery life and deliver maximum efficiency from your generator.


We'll test the operation of your regulator prior to shipping it back to you to ensure that it operates at the maximum efficiency.

If you prefer to keep your regulator as is, we can also provide you with an upgrade using one of our cores. Check our pricing page for the complete pricing breakdown.

Don't let a suspect regulator leave you with a dead battery.


    • Convert your original Lucas RF91, RF95, RB106 or RB340 regulator into a modern, digital, solid state regulator for positive or negative ground systems — at an affordable price. Contact us directly for aftermarket regulator conversion information.
    • Maintain originality and extend battery life to deliver maximum efficiency from your dynamo.
    • Designed and built in the USA utilizing the highest quality modern electrical components.

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A Few Words from our Customers . . .

  •   "I purchased one of your solid state digital regulators for my 1961 MGA.  I had an old Lucas one.  The regulator seems to work but the gauge (an after market one) would fluctuate up and down.  Also my batteries would not stay charged unless I was traveling. I thought they were going bad.  I decided to try your regulator and what a difference!  My gauge stays perfectly steady, my battery maintain a full charge and as a bonus I now can maintain a positive charge when I run my Halogen headlights and the heater.  You have such a wonderful product I will be purchasing another one for my 1960 MGA. Thank you Vintage Mecha-Tronics. D.P., North Carolina "

  •   "Thank you for your quick turnaround.  Unlike most people I use my TR3 as a daily driver.  I average about 10,000 to 12,000 miles a year so I need a reliable charging system.  I went though two third world replicas before I found you.  I have already put several thousand miles on the car and your regulator is fantastic.  My battery stays perfect and my lights are always bright now I can run the car with confidence. Thanks again. H.B., North Carolina "
  •   A shop in Florida purchased one of our regulator upgrades for one of their customers. Here's what that customer had to say
    Thank you Dean.  My regulator arrived in less than a week.  It was a snap to install and it works wonderfully.  Finally I have a reliable and accurate charging system.  The needle on the amp gauge is rock solid and it stabilizes very quickly.  I measured my charge rates and the system is comfortably staying at 14.4 volts without overcharging my battery.  You have a great product.  Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions. I will definitely recommend this regulator to all my British car club owners.  BC, South Carolina"

    I have installed the new control box per your directions.  It is working perfectly.  I am very pleased with the product and will recommend it to members of the Tucson British Car Register any chance I get."

    JM, AZ