NOTE: During the months of June to September we will be doing only light cosmetic clean up. Our refurbishment specialist is on a sabbatical at this time. (6/1/2021) 

As part of the upgrade of your regulator we do a cosmetic clean up of the case before we install our solid-state digital upgrade. While all regulators may not turn out looking "factory new" most can be cleaned up to look period correct.

Check out the photos below to see how a recent regulator upgrade turned out.

5post Lucas regulator before upgrade

 This is a regulator sent in by a customer. It shows the typical wear and use of years in service.
 Lucas regulator interior before upgrade  The inside of the same regulator before the upgrade
5post Lucas regulator refurbished  After the upgrade and refurbishment. The cover and terminals are now clean and ready to put back into the vehicle.
Upgraded regulator vintagemecha-tronics  As you can see, the upgrade to our solid-state digital version is completely transparent when the cover is installed. No one will know that you have an upgraded regulator installed.
 OriginalReg MGA1  Our biggest challenge to date. An MGA regulator in its raw state
OriginalReg MGA2 Another view
AfterMGA1 The MGA regulator after the clean up
AfterMGA2 With our upgrade installed.