Got a question about our product?

We're here to help you! Check out our FAQ's below and if you have other questions, just send us an email.

What does your “voltage regulator do?”
Simply put it performs two functions. First; it monitors the voltage level coming from the generator to meet the voltage requirements to operate your car without damaging the generator or overcharging the battery. Second; it connects the generator and the battery together to charge the battery when running and disconnects them when the generator is not running or not running fast enough to charge the battery thereby avoiding a discharge condition.

Why do I need this upgrade?
Lucas designed a system that was very innovative back in the 1930s. It was a DC charging system designed to maintain the battery in a reasonable state of charge under average running conditions. It employed two or three relays (depending on the regulator). This is how all early regulators worked before transistors were invented. Today many of us upgrade our cars to improve their usability and safety with better lighting systems etc. However even in their original condition, due to lack of precision, the charging systems tended to stress generators and over charge batteries. Even if you could find a new old stock Lucas regulator, which is highly unlikely, it would probably not be functional anymore and certainly not be able to function as efficiently as a modern charging system.

Our solid state digital based regulator will maintain your charging within exacting parameters. It will get full performance from your generator without over taxing it and maintain battery condition without overcharging it thereby extending its life. Also, it has no moving parts; no points to burn out or go out of adjustment and it is hidden inside your original Lucas regulator case. Only you know it's there.

What makes this product different from others on the market?
Until now your choices were extremely limited. You could search for a NOS Lucas regulator and if you found one hope it still could be made to function. You can purchase a third world replica with the same 1930s design and reliability problems or you have to deviate from stock and go to a hot rod based one or two wire alternator system, greatly affecting your car’s originality.

Our solid state digital regulators are made in the USA with the highest quality parts available. They deliver modern reliable performance while maintaining complete originality. Now you can use your original regulator case, generator, mounting brackets, fan belt and wiring.

What do I need to know about my regulator before I order?

All you have to do is send us your regulator. We will remove the antiquated relays and install a solid state circuit board with the necessary components including a micro processor programmed to meet your generator's requirements. All we need to know is the polarity of your car (negative or positive ground) and the numbers on your generator to determine its output. We will do the rest!

Is it hard to install?
Actually, it’s quite easy. All you have to do it follow the simple instructions included with our new solid state digital regulator. Simply, put in back it in the way you took it out. No adjustments are needed just “plug 'n play”.

What types of Regulators can be upgraded?

We can upgrade Lucas RF 91, RF95, RB106 or RB340 regulators. If you have a non-standard regulator, please contact us so we can research if this conversion will work on your specific regulator.

What cars can use this product?
Any British or Lucas electrics based vehicle built with a generator (dynamo). These are generally cars produced before 1968.

Do you offer a 6 volt version?
Sorry, we don't. We offer 12 volt positive & negative ground versions only.

How long does it take to get one?  
Good News -- We have significantly improved our manufacturing process and have reduced our upgrade turn-around time. Just give us a call before you send in your regulator and we'll pre-plan the upgrade. We can usually get it back to you in three to four days!

What will my upgraded regulator look like when it gets back to me?
We will do general clean up of the regulator prior to installing the upgrade. If you'd like to see an example of an upgraded regulator, click here.

How do I get my regulator to you?
You can send it thru any carrier your wish but we found using USPS is the cheapest and the quickest way with their Priority Mail Flat Rate Box.

I'm thinking of changing the polarity of the car. What should I do?
It is not possible to change the polarity of the regulator after it is built. If you decide to change the polarity of you generator after the purchase of the digital regulator product you will need to repurchase the product. DO NOT change the polarity after installation. Our regulator is built for a specific polarity and cannot be changed in the field.

I'm sold. How do I order one?
Simply go to the Order Info tab on our site ( download and print our Order Form. Then provide the required information along with a check for the proper amount. Mail this with your old regulator and we will do the rest. Return shipping of your regulator is included in the price.

You are asking for a check. Any other way to pay?
We understand that many people prefer to pay using the convenience of computer payments. But in order to keep the overhead and processing fees to the absolute minimum we are not offering electronic payment at this time. We can accept checks or money orders.

I'd like to buy but I don't want to upgrade my regulator. Do you have any solution?
We do have a small supply of cores that we can upgrade and provide to you. We can't guarantee the date code on the regulator you get if using one of our cores. We will match the five or nine post configuration. The price on the regulator is $179.95 for 5 post, $189.95 for 9 post  if we rebuild one of our cores. Simply go to the Order Info tab on our site ( download and print our Order Form.

I have some other questions. How do I contact you?
You can reach us via email or fill out hour handy form. You can access that form by clicking here.