Thank you for your interest in our Digital Regulator. We have two ways to order.

BEFORE YOU ORDER A "Our Core" Regulator . . .
We have a limited quantity of core regulators. In order to make sure we can supply the regulator that you require, please call us before you order to discuss what type you require. Not every type of regulator is available in our core supply.
We can discuss the best option for you before you send the actual order.


IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTICE: Regulators sent to us must be packaged in a cardboard box with good packing materials. These units are fragile and care should be taken to make sure the shipping companies do not damage the contents. Please include the cover, screws and clip with each regulator. We use these items to make sure the board transplant has no interference issues.

#1 -- Download a PDF Order Form
If you prefer to fill out the order form by hand, click on the line above to bring up a PDF version of the order form. Fill out the form completely, add your payment and mail to the address on the form.
Order Form -- Your Own Core
Order Form -- Our Core


#2 -- Fill out the form online and print
If you prefer to fill out the form online by typing in your information click here to access the online form. Fill in all of the required fields (form will not print without all required information), add your payment and mail to the address on the form.

 For all orders checks MUST be made out to David Ahrendt



Helpful hints on shipping your regulator

Please use these suggestions to ensure that your regulator arrives in tip top shape, ready for its upgrade. Since most of the regulators sent in are 50+ years old, the Bakelite is fragile and care should be taken to make sure that it arrives safely.

Shipping Regulator

Make sure that you include the cover, clip and screws on the regulator before shipping. Those items are needed to make sure that the upgrade fits correctly.

Make sure that your regulator is securely wrapped in bubble wrap.
Use a #4 Priority Mail box. The regulator will fit nice and snug in this size box (when fully wrapped).
Download our mailing label to ensure that you have the correct address.
Enclose the check and paperwork with the regulator.

A properly wrapped regulator will look like the following photo.

ProperPacking6 1 21

If you are shipping from out of the U.S. please use a sturdy box and ship according to your countries shipping rules.

We recently received a shipment of regulators that did not have sufficient bubble wrap and many of the covers were damaged beyond repair. Don't let this happen to you... use lots of padding around the regulator. If you hear it move when you shake the box, it doesn't have enough yet.